• Managed By Arya Samaj , Model Town, Ludhiana

From the Desk of Principal

From the Desk of Principal


“Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead”      


BCM Arya International School believes in preparing students for future by providing knowledge and skills to achieve academic excellence, personal growth and positive approach towards life in a conducive environment.

The school is dedicated to prepare conscientious and responsible citizens with a sense of integrity and honesty with a spirit of adventure, exploration, research and creation.

The University of Cambridge certified curriculum, offers our students a significant educational advantage, as it is specially designed to allow them to gain an in-depth mastery of key concepts related to each subject they choose to study.

The certificate obtained at the end have both national and international recognition, and we are accepted at many of the top universities in India and Abroad.

Our students and teachers are the essential ingredients that allow our school to constantly evolve and to present society with strong, inventive and rational youngsters with well-defined personalities.

I believe that every child is blessed with a uniqueness to leave behind footprints for others to follow and as an educator, I will always work to empower my Team of students and Facilitators to create new benchmarks in every sphere of life.


May the Almighty bless you all with eternal happiness and sunshine.


Dr. Jasneev Seth