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As we know how integral computers have become in our tech-savvy lives these days. We have well equipped computer labs where students learn everything from Microsoft Office to HTML.

Science Lab

Students get hands-on experience by performing various experiments on their own.

Art Studio

Every child is an artist and Art is a line around our thoughts. Students create master pieces through studio practice.


At BCM, Cambridge we give students an opportunity to display their talents. As it´s rightly said, "Music unwraps the heart, sings out the prayer, dances the spirit, and opens the soul" And to rejuvenate the mind and the soul we have various activities going on in the Activity Room.


Tiny tots at Cambridge are given all round development. 'Learning by doing' is one of the most effective ways to grasp and understand, especially for young minds. The colourful classrooms also maintain a warm and cozy environment for the little ones to learn and grow.


Technology that is used in the classroom is very beneficial in helping the students understand and absorb what they are being taught. That is why we have interactive panels installed in our classes which ensure 100% satisfaction in teaching as well as learning.


BCM Arya International boasts of some of the best academic facilities to give our students the utmost support to learn in the best possible way. Interactive panels in classrooms and laboratories are being used to provide students with real life experience.


Sports and physical activities are very crucial these days, especially to develop a healthy life style. Games like basketball, handball, football, cricket etc. act as boosters.


In Language lab students are taught foreign languages through LSRW-the most effective methodology and the natural way of acquiring any language.