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About Cambridge

Get set to change the way you look at schools. The BCM Arya International School (Cambridge-affiliated) not only offers the globally accepted Cambridge 'IGCSE' & A level qualifications from EY-I(Nursery) to A Level(12th), but is also a gateway to a global learning community.
While emphasizing the key milestones of education, BCM Arya International also encourages individuals to focus on their strengths. This is most evident in the Advanced Level qualifications (A Levels) that allows in depth specialisation by balancing knowledge and skill.

    At BCM Arya International academic excellence is not paramount. The best students are not our sole focus. Rather, we are proud to be child-centric, catering to a diverse cross-section of students. Our goal is to not merely teach what's in the books but nurture and encourage students to become
  • Creative Thinkers
  • Reflective Learners
  • Team Workers
  • Self Managers and
  • Effective Participators
Our focus is as much on teachers as on students. Our greatest assets are the teachers who are well-trained in paying personalised care and attention to every student, regardless of his/her rank in class. While personal rapport is built thanks to the low teacher:student ratio, co-curricular classes and activities ensure complete emotional and social development of a child.

Furthermore, the teaching process is future-oriented and emphasises the exhaustive use of IT in education. In fact, IT is integrated in the teaching of many subjects and not just confined to being a separate academic course.

A quick look at our site will give you a fair idea about our teaching, curricula, ethos, student-life and admission procedures. However, for further clarification or information, please feel free to get in touch with us.